We are pleased to announce that we are piloting this new program at select CapitalCare locations! 


What is TeleCare?

TeleCare is a non-traditional office visit with the goal of improving the way we deliver care to our patients. We are using technology in new ways so that your office visit is more interactive. These improvements have been put in place to support your practitioner so that they are able to completely focus on you during your appointment.


TeleCare improves your office visit by:

  • Using hands-free technology so you have more face-to-face contact with your practitioner
  • Allowing your practitioner to be less distracted by a computer 
  • Giving you the ability to see your electronic health records (EHR) during your exam 
  • Encouraging coordinated care through integration with additional services such as care management and specialists into your appointment
  • Granting your physician the ability to work more efficiently


Here's how it works...

TeleCare Video