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Our Location

CapitalCare Pediatrics Troy
258 Hoosick Street, Suite 100, Troy, NY 12180
Phone: (518) 272-0232   Fax: (518) 272-4083

Hours of Operation

Monday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Tuesday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Wednesday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Thursday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

*Closed for lunch daily from Noon - 1:00pm

*Sick, walk-in hours available daily from 8:00am - 9:00am and from 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Phone Hours

We have a practitioner on-call after hours and on weekends. 

Office Management

Site Manager: Tracey Dawson


Our team has been part of the local community for more than 40 years and continue to proudly serve families in the Capital District. Our goal has always been to provide the very best in medical, developmental and emotional care from infancy to college-age children in collaboration with the family. Our expectation is that we will be a resource for our families to keep their children healthy and moving toward their best potential. 


We Emphasize:

  • Excellence in Care
  • Kindness, Respect and Collaboration
  • Prevention of disease and injury
  • Prevention and early intervention of emotional problems
  • Specialization in complex care and developmental challenges
  • Community connections and advocacy for children
  • Foster Care and Adoption experience and enthusiasm
  • Long term care of families from birth to college
  • Lactation Support with our own Certified Lactation Consultants
  • Literacy enhancement - we are a Reach Out and Read participant
  • Convenience: easy to get appointments and no appointment needed sick walk in hours daily                                                                  


Accomplishments Include:

  • Developmental-Behavioral Pediatricians on staff
  • Provision of on-site mental health services with our own staff and Unified Services
  • Birth-to-college developmental and mental health screening
  • Medical Home certification
  • Faculty positions at the Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center                                
  • Participation in international care of children in poverty
  • Awards in excellence in immunization, developing a model of excellence for mental health collaboration, working with homeless families, community service and best community pediatrician.

Now offering complimentary prenatal visits!



Our Services

Preventative Visits: Check ups, well baby visits or annual physical are terms that have been used for those regular visits that help us understand the health and well-being of your child. We review with you areas that are important for keeping your child well.  For example, we emphasize issues of safety such as car seats, nutrition and prevention of obesity, and enhancement of development. 

Nutrition, Active Lifestyle and Early Intervention of Weight Concerns: We monitor growth very carefully and watch for early weight problems. We use a nutritional questionnaire on a regular basis to help us identify any potential issues. Our staff is experienced in offering suggestions for early intervention that work within the families lifestyle and needs. Dr. Jenny Torre has a program for overweight children that has proven quite successful. 

Lactation Services: Our goal is to have all mothers who wish to breastfeed be successful. We have an enthusiastic and experienced staff, Dr. Hughes, Certified Lactation Counselor and Rachel Leibson, RN, IBCLC who can see nursing mothers as frequently as needed.  We work closely with mother and baby in the nursing relationship and encourage first time nursing moms to have an initial lactation visit with us. 

Reach Out and Read Literacy Enhancement: We are a Reach Out and Read site and have a great deal of enthusiasm for the encouragement of reading. We give out new age appropriate books at each well-child visit from 6 months to 5 years old, and talk about early exposure to reading whenever we can. Early reading exposure leads to a love of reading which opens the world to our young people.

Mental Health Support: Children frequently have small or large concerns with their emotional health.  Our own in-office mental health therapist collaborates with our provider staff and parents to provide early, comprehensive care in emotional problems. We also have an award winning collaboration with therapists from Unified Services of Rennselaer county, where their therapists work with families right within our office setting. As a team with the family, we work to find problems early by listening to parents concerns and using behavioral screening on regular basis.

Developmental Screening and Mental Health Screening: Using easy to fill out questionnaires, we look for developmental and emotional issues at most preventative visits. We listen carefully to parents concerns and have the knowledge and resources to help find early concerns and find appropriate interventions.

Special Needs and Complex Care: We have decades of experience with complex care and special needs children and their families. We would be pleased to be part of a team that cares for your child. From very small, premature infants to adolescents with special needs, we will work with you and celebrate your child's achievement.

Adoption Experience: Our staff is very experienced in helping families with adopted children or adoption plans. We understand the special developmental, mental health and health needs of adopted children whether they are from international or local backgrounds. We are pleased to be part of their care.


For New Families

If your family needs a pediatrician for your children, please consider our practice. Whether you have your first, brand new baby or are in need of pediatric services for your children, we are here for you! We accept almost all insurances and are happy to have children of all ages. We are also comfortable with children who have complicated medical, developmental and emotional issues and would be pleased to assist in the care of your child!


For Newborns and infants

  • Complementary prenatal visits
  • Lactation enthusiasm and support
  • Easy appointment scheduling
  • Extra time for questions and concerns


For Toddlers and Preschoolers

  • Comfortable environment and friendly staff to lessen fears
  • Careful developmental monitoring to identify early concerns such as speech delay
  • Understanding and collaboration with Early Intervention
  • Books given at every well child visit


For School Children

  • Regular screening for emotional and school concerns
  • Helping with nutritional or weight concerns
  • Understanding of school issues and interventions
  • Behavioral/mental health support


For Adolescents

  • Male and female providers for comfortable assessments
  • Help with pubertal concerns
  • Behavioral/mental health support
  • Understanding the needs of LGBT youth


For Children with Special Needs

  • Experienced Developmental specialists within the practice
  • Access to mental health providers
  • Understanding of community supports
  • Eagerness and experience working with children with complex needs


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